I've gone through the yoga flow three times. Before doing that I went through the standing poses and the collection of other poses each once. I'm really loving the yoga. I wanted to thank you and Gretchen for doing such an incredible job. I have already noticed improvements with my flexibility and balance.

- - Jonathan Simeone, February, 2015

I found this product to be a very inclusive and helpful series of yoga instructions about poses, attitude and finding your wings towards good health through yoga fitness. It feeds both body and mind. The Hein - Klein duo have covered everything from a message to potential yoga instructors about having a blind student in class to information about orientation to the room and the yoga mat; from pronunciations and different yoga traditions and practices to suggestions about developing your own routine. Marty shares some of his difficulties as a blind person and makes it alright for beginners to be less than perfect with each and every pose.

The CD’s are easily navigated and the instructions are straight-forward and easy to follow. I have long been an advocate of people who are blind finding freedom to get moving with confidence and safety and applaud this project. Gretchen and Marty are people I would truly consider if I were in charge of giving out a prestigious humanitarian recognition award. They have demonstrated sincere concern for their fellow humans and blind humans in particular. Beginning Yoga for the Blind and Visually Impaired is but one such example of their concern and willingness to help others. Thank you both!

- - Sila Miller

I have been using the yoga program that I received from Marty and Gretchen and I love it. Since my vision loss was only three years ago, I had done yoga as a sighted person before and expected that I could continue as I have been doing. My yoga experience began when I was older to start, so my body was not as lithe and agile as that of a twenty year old. As you mention my balance is not great and Gretchen certainly makes allowances for this problem. I am so glad I sent for it and thank you both for doing the program. Strange where our paths lead and fortunate the people we meet along the way. Thank you again.

- - Elaine Alger