Beginning Yoga for the Blind and Visually Impaired now brings yoga to the blind and low vision community

Imagine what it will feel like to reclaim your strength

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With over 20 million people in the U.S. exploring the healing benefits of yoga, Beginning Yoga for the Blind and Visually Impaired has been one of the top yoga programs for years.

Ask anybody who has enjoyed learning with Blind Yoga. “Comprehensive” and “A great yoga program” and “Thank you Blind Yoga for such a wonderful course” are just some of the comments over the years. In addition we have blended “assertiveness training” throughout the 5 cd program as an important addition.

The union of mind, body and spirit is the yoga goal. And for the Blind Yoga team we’d like all to enjoy the benefits of our yoga program; a stronger body, a quieter mind and a happier life.

Best wishes for a very special holiday season!!

Blind Power

Hi Marty Klein here, before I tell you about the specefics in each of my CDs I wanted to share something I've noticed while going to the movies. You see I love to go to the movies and now with descriptive video to help make films accessible for blind folks, it’s become such an enjoyable evening out for me and my partner.

But in all my years I have rarely seen a blind character who was portrayed as strong. However I’ve seen a multitude of blind characters who were portrayed as frail, frightened, or helpless; only to be saved by some sighted hero.

Well, I’m feeling strong these days and I love it. I do not know of any movies coming out soon with strong blind characters, but you don’t have to wait for those films to take charge of your own image. I give my yoga practice lots of credit for my development into a stronger person. 

I have been, and I still am, committed to practicing yoga every day, and after years of doing yoga, I now can see how the practice has really helped me reclaim a strong body. But more than that, yoga has helped transform my perception of myself from a tentative personality to one of strength and confidence. 

If you had the choice, which one would you choose? If you knew you had the choice, and you could transform yourself through practicing yoga, why wouldn’t you begin that transition right now? And if not now, when?

So I hope you'll choose Blind Yoga as a way to help you begin learning yoga and to assist you on your path towards reclaiming your strength.

Inside this 5 CD set you’ll find:

  • Physical activities that develop your sense of body awareness and alignment or cultivate a deeper spatial sense of your body and proper alignment.
  • Basic stretches that tone the body, develop flexibility and strength as well as encourage deep relaxation.
  • 24 basic yoga poses presented in a clear, step-by-step manner, specially designed for those with little or no sight.
  • How to use a yoga mat and other props as guides when you practice.
  • Special insights for the blind and visually impaired from the blind perspective.
  • Tips for yoga teachers for their blind and visually impaired students.
  • Directions for programming your own yoga sequences.


The contents for each CD

The poses are grouped according to starting position, with one pose per track on CD's 2 and 3 to help make this an easy to follow, easy to use, easy to find a pose yoga package. CD 4 which takes you through what you would find in a yoga class, each pose has its own track as well.

  • CD 1: Introductions, Attitude for Practicing Yoga, Body Awareness and Alignment, Using Props, Mat Alignment and Glossary.
  • CD 2: Introduction to yoga and Standing Poses.
  • CD 3: Back Extending Poses, Seated Forward Bending Poses, Poses from a Kneeling Position, and Supine Poses.
  • CD 4: Yoga Flow: an hour long sequence that begins with a centering activity, moves through a series of postures and closes with deep relaxation.
  • CD 5: About Yoga Classes - for Students, About Visually Impaired Students - for Yoga Teachers, Organization of this CD Series; Traditions, Disclaimer, Contraindications, Credits, Closing Notes.